Dragonflies Odonta

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Dragonflies - Anisoptera

Family Aeshnidae - Hawker Dragonflies

 Azure Hawker
Aeshna caerulea




Common Hawker
Aeshna juncea






Migrant Hawker
Aeshna mixta

Southern Hawker
Aeshna cyanaea

 Brown Hawker
Aeshna grandis

 Southern Migrant Hawker
Aeshna affinis


Norfolk Hawker
Aeshna isosceles

Emperor Dragonfly
Anax imperator

  Lesser Emperor
Anax parthenope

 Green Darner
Anax junius

 Vagrant Emperor
Hemianax ephippiger

 Hairy Dragonfly
Brachytron pratense

 Family Corduliidae - Emerald Dragonflies

Downy Emerald
Cordulia aenea

 Brilliant Emerald
Somatochlora metallica

 Northern Emerald
Somatochlora arctica

Family Libellulidae - Chasers, Skimmers and Darters

Four-spotted Chaser
Libellula quadrimaculata

  Scarce Chaser
Libellula fulva

Broad-bodied Chaser
Libellula depressa

Black-tailed Skimmer
Orthetrum cancellatum


Keeled Skimmer
Orthetrum coerulescens

 Common Darter
Sympetrum striolatum


Highland Darter
Sympetrum nigrescens

Red-veined Darter
 Sympetrum fonscolombii

 Yellow-winged Darter
Sympetrum flaveolum


Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum sanguineum

 Black Darter
Sympetrum danae

 Vagrant Darter
Sympetrum vulgatum

Banded Darter
Sympetrum pedemontanum

Scarlet Dragonfly  
Crocothemis erythraea

 Globe Skimmer
Pantala flavescens


White-faced Darter 

Leucorrhinia dubia



Family Cordulegastridae - Golden-ringed Dragonflies

Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Cordulegaster boltonii



Family Gomphidae - Club-tailed Dragonflies

Club-tailed Dragonfly
Gomphus vulgatissimus