Emperor (Anax imperator)

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Family Aeshnidae

Flight Period The flight period in Britain extends from early June to late August, exceptionally later.

Size Wingspan 4 1/8 " 10. 5 cm


Notabe Large size . flying for long periods, without settling and covering a regular "beat".

The male has a bright/sky blue abdomen marked with black dorsal stripe and a green thorax.

The female is mainly green and black. and shorter. In flight, the abdomen is often held in a curve with the tail end pointing slightly downwards. Females have a green thorax and abdomen

It is a hawker constatntly patrolling its habitat for prey up to 18.5 mph. The adult can catch a rich assortment of flying insects. The adult Emperor lives for about one moh after living for two years as an underwater Nymph stage the female usually lays her eggs in the stems of water platnts.

Image With Thanks (C) Copyright Chris Webster


Adults frequent well-vegetated natural and artificial ponds and small lakes.

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