1937 Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomboidaria ABH 70.258
Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775

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Moths Geometridae » Ennominae

Wingspan 30-38 mm.

Phenology July and August, sometimes again in September in the sou

Description A number of forms exist

Typical forms are brownish with darker streaks and markings,
there is also a greyish form, f. perfumaria,
as well as an almost black melanic variant.


Can be separated with care by their forewing markings

Feathered Beauty P. secundaria,
Mottled Beauty Alcis repandata,
Great Oak Beauty Hypomecis roboraria
Satin Beauty Deileptenia ribeata,

Life Cycle Larva feeds on Hawthorn, Plum, Privet, Silver and Downy Birch, Alder Buckthorn, Honeysuckle, Traveller's-joy and Ivy.


"Peribatodes.rhomboidaria.7197". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.