45.030 1513 White Plume Moth Pterophorus pentadactyla

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Moths Pterophoridae » Pterophorinae

Wingspan 26-34 mm..

Phenology Adults fly from dusk begining in June to July, and sometimes have a second generation in Septembe

Description One of the most notable of the larger 'Plume' moths, Its wings are deeply divided into several 'fingers', each of which is finely feathered, or plumed.

Life Cycle The caterpillars overwinter and feed on bindweed (Convolvulus).s

Habitat common over much of Britain, inhabiting dry grassland, waste ground and gardens.


Large White Plume 9512


Large White Plume 9506


Large White Plume 9498



Large White Plume 9514



Large White Plume 9530