ABH 70.142

The V-Pug Chloroclystis v-ata

BF 1858

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(Haworth, 1809)
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Geometridae » Larentiinae


14-19 mm.


Geen ground-colour, small size, V-shaped mark and more triangular resting posture make this species relatively easy to identify The ground colour is greenish when fresh and can fade to yellowish fawn with age. The abdomen is also green with a distinctive black “Belt shaped” marking and two rows of parallel black spots.Forewings light green with a noticeable dark v-shaped mark near the costal edge of the wing. There is also a small black mark on the top of the thorax and another along the costal edge. The hindwings are greyish white becoming darker towards the outer margin.

Key Identification Features:

Black v-shaped mark on the forewing
Small black mark on top of the thorax


Life Cycle

There are two generations in the south, flying in May and June, then again in August, but further north there is just one, in June and July.



The flowers of a range of plants form the main foodstuff of the larvae, including elder (Sambucus) and brambles (Ribes spp.).