ABH 70.054

Silver Groumd Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata

BF 1727

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(Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)
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Geometridae » Larentiinae


24-28 mm.


Medium-sized, generally white moth with an irregular dark cross-band on the forewing.The wings vary from white to brownish-white, the central band varying in width and shade and can also be reduced to blotches near the leading edge. Similar to the Garden Carpet which tends to be smaller and darker, with an incomplete central band.


Life Cycle

Low plants, such as bedstraw (Galium) , including Cleavers, Hedge Bedstraw and Primrose.are the foodplants in the larval stage. Adults fly May into July, often be disturbed during the day from low woodland vegetation in , clearings and similar habitats. It flies mainly at night were it will visit light traps



Frequents damp places with tall vegetation including gardens, hedgerows, fens, woodland, heathland, scrub and grassland.





Silver Grounds 5406

Silver Ground 5407

Silver Ground Carpet 17869

(c) Colin Duke