ABH 70.240

Scalloped Hazel Odontopera bidentata

BF 1920

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(Clerck, 1759)
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Geometridae » Ennominae


46- 50 mm


Variable anging from pale brown to almost black, the darker varieties having less obvious markings.The adults are variable with different colour forms, ranging from light to dark brown, which occur throughout most of its range. Adults have two cross-lines with a small discal spot on the forewing. Hindwings paler with a central discal spot.
Key features
Dark and pale colour forms
Small discal spot on all wings
Two wavy crosslines on forewings; hindwings paler with single crossline


Life Cycle

May and June, single brood moderately common over most of the British Isles. Although its name suggests it is exclusively associated with Hazel Corylus avellana, the larvae are polyphagous on a wide variety of trees and shrubs.


Found in a wide variety of habitats including woodlands, heaths, bogs and gardens





Scalloped Hazel 8564

Scalloped Hazel 8570

Scalloped Hazel 8584

Scalloped Hazel 8574

Scalloped Hazel 8572