0385 The Nettle Tap Anthophila fabriciana

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Moths >Choreutidae » Choreutinae

Wingspan 10-15 mm.

Description A small, but very common species, occurring throughout Britain. It is sometimes referred to as the Nettle-tap.A wsmall moth with slender, elongated bodies. They reach body lengths of 10 mm and wingspans of 10-15 mm. Wings have a metallic sheen and are various shades of brown in colour with slightly raised, white stripes. Front wings have 12 veins, the hind wings 10.Hind wings are rounded, similar in width to the front wings, and have a short fringe at the edge. The head has medium-length filamentous antennae. The proboscis is pronounced and has scales at its base.

Phenology A daytime flier daytime from May throughout the summer, found in large numbers around clumps of nettle (Urtica dioica), the larval foodplant.


A very small moth c 5mm > Found on Ragwort





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