1405 Mother Of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis)

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Family Pyralidae : Pyraustinae

Wingspan 26 - 40 mm.

Flight Period Night July - August

The resting moth shows all 4 wings and reflects a pearly rainbow like effect depending on ligth conditions

It is a Common Moth throughout the UK adults flying from dusk onwards, the moth is often attracted to light.. They fly by day as well as by night, and come to flowers, especially thistles Mother of Pearls are wing in July and August, have shiny pale yellowish-brown forewings which are finely patterned.

The larvae feed on nettles (Urtica dioica) ,and hop (Humulus sp.). usually in a rolled-up leaf. these smooth, green caterpillars live inside stinging nettle leaves rolled with silk from early spring to June. alternative larval foodplants are Goosefoots, meadowsweet and hop. Very common wherever nettles grow.

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