2340 Middle Barred Minor Moth Oligia fasciuncula

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Moths >Geometridae » Ennominae

Wingspan 22 - 26 mm.

Phenology June and July,

DescriptionVariable in ground colour, but generally more rufous or sandy-coloured than the other 'minors', a white mark on the rear edge of the forewing where the postmedian line ends.Forewing colour ranges from light brown or straw to brick red. There is a darker median band between antemedian and postmedian lines. The latter is finely edged with white. Stigmata not clearly defined, but slightly paler than the colour of the band. Hindwing dark fuscous with a paler fringe. Males have a distinct anal tuft

ID Featuures
  • Dark central bar along the forewing.
  • The central cross-lines that edge the central bar are white at each end.
  • The oval and kidney marks are pale and obvious.
  • Anal tuft in males

Life Cycle Like other Oligia species, it feeds on various types of grass.Adults are attracted to light and flowers especially those of Common Ragwort Senecio jacobaea and umbelliferous plants. The larvae feed from August to May on various grasses. It overwinters as a larva.

Habitat Marshes, river banks and damp woodland. wetland species preferring damp woodland margins, pasture and other marshy habitats.