1884 The Magpie Abraxas grossulariata

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Family Geometridae: Ennominae

Wingspan 35-40 mm.

Flight period July and August


This is a carpet motth. Predominant black brown blotches on wing edge and through out and to lesser extent, yellow stripes on the forewings. Displays its wings whilst at restwith both its forewings and hindwings on display typical of the carpets. Relatively common throughout. The Magpie is a common dweller of northern heather moorlandsthough it is also found inwoodlands, hedgerows and other habitats, where its foodplants occur.

Caterpillar, have similar colouration to the moth black white,and orange caterpillars, feeding on The Blackthorn, hawthorn,Hazel, currants and Gooseberry.It has been somettimes nicknamed the Currant Moth.