2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma ABH 71.018
Fabricius, 1777

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Moths Notodontidae » Notodontinae

Wingspan 45-50 mm.

Phenology There are two generations, on the wing in May and June, and later in August.

Description Similar to Swallow Prominent (P. tremula), but can be identified with care. Compared to that species, gnoma has a more distinct white wedge at the tornus of the forewing, and lacks the wavy white line in the blackish area of the hindwing.

Life Cycle The larvae feed on birch (Betula).



Lesser Swallow Prominant 0197


Lesser Swallow 2235


Lesser Swallow Prominant 0219



Lesser Swallow Prominant 1640



Lesser Swallow Prominant 1638