2440 Lempke's Gold Spot Plusia putnami ABH 73.023 Lempke, 1966

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Moths Noctuidae » Plusiinae

Wingspan 32-42 mm.

Phenology Flies in July and August, coming regularly to light.

Description Similar to the Gold Spot (P. festucae), this species has a shorter, broader forewing with a shorter and broader whitish streak near the wingtip. The ground colour is often more orange or yellowish, and the two metallic blotches more rounded. However, intermediate individuals do occur, and it can be necessary to check the structure of the genitalia to be sure.

Life Cycle Among the foodplants is small-reed (Calamogrostis spp.).


Lempke's Gold Spot 0778


Lempke's Gold Spot 0780


Lempke's Gold Spot 0756


Lempke's Gold Spot 0761


Lempke's Gold Spot 0761


Lempke's Gold Spot 0755