2469 The Herald Moth Scoliopteryx libatrix

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Wingspan 4 - 4.5 cm


A earth brown colour with red margins , outer wings jagged. Active night feeder feeding at night on flowers and sometimes ripe fruit Forewings light brown with a light orange coloured median patch. Antemedian and post median lines pale a defined.clearly There is small sub costal streak and a tiny white spot in the central area of the forewing. Hindwings have like colour to the forewing, paler in the basal area.

Key Identification Features:

Resting posture
Scalloped forewings and orange median patch
Small with spot in central area of forewings

Flight PeriodEarly June to august with a second brood from May to September.This colourful moth overwinters as an adult, consequently it may be one of the last moths to be seen toward the end of the year.

The larvae feed from June to August on willow Salix spp., poplar Populus spp. and Rowan Sorbus aucuparia. It overwinters as an adult.