ABH 62.035

Grey Knot-horn Acrobasis advenella

BF 1439

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(Zincken, 1818)
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Pyralidae » Phycitinae


18-24 mm.


AKA Trachycera advenella. Acrobasis advenella is a species of snout moth in the genus Acrobasis.The species has a banded pattern of reds and greys V.ariable in the amount of reddish suffusion of the silvery ground colour, especially in the area between the first and second lines. Also seems variable in the strength of the discal dots although these seem never to be as strong as they usually are in A.suavella.


Life Cycle

Larva feeds on Blackthorn and Rowan, living between flowers and leaves spun together with silk.It has one brood, flying July and August, when it will visit light-traps.



Common in hedgerows and gardens throughout Britain, except the far north.


Gen Det



1439 Acrobasis advenella 21586


1439 Acrobasis advenella 21584