2057 Arctia caja Garden (Tiger Arctia caja)

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Family Arctiidae : Arctiinae

Wingspan 45-65 mm.

Flight Period. Flies in July and August


The garden tiger is a hairy, stout moth. Forewings are chocolatey-brown with cream patterns, its hindwings are orangey-red with black spots. Bright colours warn predators that it tastes unpleasant. The garden tiger is a common, widespread species and can be found throughout the country. Its brown and black, exceedingly hairy caterpillar is often called a ‘woolly bear’. The hairs are irritant and protect it from predators, such as birds Garden tigers overwinter as caterpillars.

The eggs of the species hatch late August and it overwinters as larvae. The larva starts to feed again early spring and is full-fed by the end of June. After going through Pupation the moth emerges and flies during July and August. It is univoltine (i.e. has one generation a year) Colour markers can be variable


Adults drink nectar from flowers. Caterpillars eat low-growing, herbaceous plants.

When To see it?

From June to August.

Where To see it?

Throughout the garden. Also in parks, grassland, meadows and scrubby areas.




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