ABH 70.053

Flame Carpet Xanthorhoe designata

BF 1722

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(Hufnagel, 1767)
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Geometridae » Larentiinae


25-28 mm.


The only similar confusion species is Red Carpet X. decoloraria, which has a sinuous outer edge to the central cross-band, in Flame Carpet the outer edge of the central cross-band is dentate, with two distinct projections.dults (which are often variable in colour) are mainly pale grey with a distinctive reddish brown central band, which is normally darker towards the basal area.

Key Identification Features:

Reddish brown central band narrower towards the centre
Small darkish patches near apex of forewings


Life Cycle

Two generations of this moth during the year. One in May and June, and a second in August It feeds on various Cruciferous plants, such as rape and cabbage (Brassica spp.).



Ocupies a variety of habitats notably damp woodland, meadows, hedgerows and suburban gardens. Adults come frequently to light in moderate numbers. Larvae can be found from July to September on various species of crucifer. It overwinters as a pupa.





Flame Carpet 1901

Flame Carpet 1904