2098 The Flame Axylia putris

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Wingspan 27-32 mm

Flight period
Polyphagous and feed at night from July to October. sometimes with a partial second generation in the autumn.

DescripttionAdults rest with the wings wrapped around the body resembling a broken piece of twig.Forewings usually straw coloured with dark brown costal streak.Stigmata have a paler streak running to the outer margin. Postmedial line is a series of small dark-coloured dots; forewings pale whitish brown with a dark broken line at outer margin

Key Identification Features:

Habitat Woodland fringes, hedgerows and suburban habitats, Caterpillars are feed at night on various low-growing herbaceous plants, including dock Rumex sp and Bedstraw GaliumAdults are commonly encountered at light and occasionally visit flowers. The larvae are polyphagous and feed at night from July to October. It overwinters as a pupa.