1914 Dusky Thorn Ennomos fuscantaria ABH 70.235


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Family Geometridae » Ennominae

Wingspan 38-42 mm

Flight period One of the plainer-looking s 'Thorns', it flies from August to early October.

Descripttion The most likely confusion species is August Thorn E. quercinaria, which also often has discal third of forewing darker, but in Dusky Thorn the two median fasciae converge at the dorsum more noticeable than they do in August Thorn, and the postmedian fascia is smoother and less kinked towards the costa in Dusky Thorn

Food Plants .The species is found in deciduous woods and their margins, and suburban habitats, where the larval foodplant, ash (Fraxinus) grows.Larva feeds on Ash, over-wintering as an egg.