ABH 70.104

70.104 Devon Carpet Lampropteryx otregiata

BF 1751

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(Metcalfe, 1917)
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Geometridae » Larentiinae


27-30 mm.


The moth is like a small version of Water Carpet, but forewing is less tapering and more rounded with a paler and less contrasting central band. The outer edge,first third of central cross-band, is straighter than Water Carpet and the inner edge is irregular with less sharp indentations.

Similars Most likely to be confused with Water Carpet L. suffumata, but smaller and termen on forewing more rounded.


Life Cycle

There are two generations, with adults on the wing in May and June, then again in August and September.


The caterpillars are brown with paler buff markings, and feed on common marsh bedstraw (Galium palustre) and possibly also fen bedstraw (Galium uliginosum). over-wintering as a pupa.






Devon Carpet 7532


Devon Carpet 7546



Devon Carpet 7549


Devon Carpet 7530