ABH 49.066

Dark-Triangle Button Acleris laterana

BF 1038

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(Fabricius, 1794)
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Tortricidae » Tortricinae


15-20 mm.


Another variable species in a number of forms - Polymorphic , which is difficult to separate from A. comariana. A rough guideline is the flight period, which is said to be August to September in the present species, and June/July and October/November in comariana. However, these do overlap and genitalia dissection is usually required to be certain.

Certain forms of this species closely resemble forms of A. comariana, from which reliably separated by dissection of the genitalia. The brownish f. perplexana may be confused with f. castaneana of A. schalleriana, but may be distinguished by the comparatively smooth costa of the forewing [Bradley].

Form: laterana (uncommon) - ground colour silver white with variable suffusion of grey and black scales; markings red-brown - basal markings diffuse but sub-basal fascia developed on dorsum, costal blotch extending to tornus, its distal edge diffuse; terminal area sprinkled black. This form is similar to A.comariana f. latifasciana (has this been renamed laterana?)
Form: labeculana (common) - ground colour suffused grey; markings red-brown - basal patch represented by a small dorsal portion of the sub-basal fascia, otherwise obsolescent; costal blotch lunate. This form is similar to A.comariana f proteana.
Form: comparana - ground colour pale yellow-brown; markings blackish - same pattern as labeculana. This form is similar to A,comariana f. potentillana
Form: perplexana (common) - ground colour grey-brown, varying considerably in shade; markings brownish - basal patch ?obsolete, costal blotch relatively inconspicuous and may extend to dorsum. This form is similar to A.schalleriana f. castaneana


Life Cycle

The larva, which can be clearly distinguished from A. comariana in later instars, feeds in May
and June on Rosaceous trees and shrubs, Salix and Vaccinium.



Larva feeds on Willow, Bilberry, Raspberry, Blackthorn, Rowan and similar, living within a spun or rolled leaf, over-wintering as an egg.


Gen Det