ABH 3.002

Common Swift Korscheltellus lupulina

BF 0017

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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25-40 mm.


Forewing markings of the male vary in extent and intensity from dark brown to grey or pale whitish. The markings can include obvious white patches on the forewings although entirely plain examples occur.

The male has a wingspan of about 30 mm with dark brown forewings with white apical and basal streaks meeting to make a 'v' shape with another spot close to the costa. The hindwings are plain brown.

The female is larger (wingspan about 40 mm) with similar patterning to the male but generally paler and less distinctly marked

It was previously placed in the genus Hepialus.


Life Cycle

The adults fly from May to July and are attracted to light. The species overwinters as a larva feeding on the roots of grasses and small plants, the larvae live underground.



The white larvae live underground feeding on the roots of grasses and other herbaceous plants from June to the following April.