ABH 70.207

Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata

BF 1887

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Geometridae » Ennominae


30-38 mm


.A small but beautiful moth with brown-black borders on both wings.The black and white markings show considerable variation in the wild. Eg Some specimens have fused markings giving the impression of a middle bar.There is a rare form diluta in which the black is replaced by a yellow gold colour. This aberration is extremely rare and seldom encountered. The brown form is known as f. diluta.


Life Cycle

Common over most of Britain, occupying woodland and moist localities, and flies between May and July.The larvae feed on sallow (Salix) and poplars (Populus), especially aspen (P. tremula).Larva feeds on Aspen, Poplar, Sallow, Willow and Hazel, over-wintering as a pupa.The adults fly at dusk and are attracted to light. The caterpillars can be found from mid-July to mid-September before overwintering as pupae underground.



Common in woodland, marshes, river-banks and heathland throughout the British Isles.





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