1681 Clay Triple-lines Cyclophora linearia ABH 70.037

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Family Geometridae » Sterrhinae

Wingspan 26-33 mm.

Flight period Fairly common in places, the moths fly from May to July, and sometimes again in the autumn.

Descripttion The second brood individuals are often different to those of the first and closely resemble Maiden's Blush (Cyclophora punctariahe larvae feed on the leaves of beech (Fagus) A pitfall for the unwary, with two distinct forms; first brood most closely resembles Maiden's Blush C. punctaria, in which antemedian and postmedian lines usually reduced to a row of spots, wings irrorate, and forewing variably flushed red; second brood most closely resembles Blair's Mocha C. puppillaria, but lighter, with wing tip less distinctly hooked. Larva feeds on Beech, over-wintering as a pupa.