ABH 71.025

Buff-tip Phalera bucephala

BF 1994

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Notodontidae » Phalerinae


c 42-55 mm.


When at rest, the adults of this species bear a remarkable resemblance to a broken twig of silver birch.Adults of this species are easily recognised by the silvery-grey coloured forewings, the small discal spot and the large buff coloured patch at the apex of the forewing. The hindwings are pale yellow, darkening towards the basal area. The thorax is a dark buff colour. When resting the adult holds its wings tightly along its body giving a very convincing impression of a broken birch twig.

Key Identification Features:

Resting posture
Buff-coloured patches on forewings and thorax
Resemblance to a broken twig


Life Cycle

Caterpillars are black in colour with yellow stripes running the length and width of their body, with tufted hairs projecting from the side of the body. The adults fly in June and July, frequenting mixed woodlan



he Buff-tip occurs in a wide variety of habitats, but is most commonly encountered in woodland, bogs and marshy areas.