ABH 65.009

Buff Arches Habrosyne pyritoides

BF 1653

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(Hufnagel, 1766)
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Drepanidae » Thyatirinae


35-40 mm


Delicate patterns at cllose range and overall colour Smooth grey, white and russet-brown. An attractive and richly marked moth. The forewings are pale grey with whitish streaks which are suffused with buff between them. There is a whitish blotch along the costal area of the forewings. The hind wings are pale greyish brown.The larvae, are reddish brown with two or four creamy spots, feed on bramble (Rubus). The moth gets its name from the “Arch-Like” markings visible at rest in the central area of the forewing. MGBI describes this moth as having a “Flint-Like” appearance.


Life Cycle

Larva feeds on Bramble and Dewberry, over-wintering as a pupa. On the wing – June -August.



Common in woodland, marshes, river-banks and heathland throughout the British Isles. , it can be attracted to 'sugar', as well as to light.





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