ABH 63.114

Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata

BF 1345

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Crambidae » Acentropinae


22-30 mm.


This species shows variable, ground colouration from tan to dark chocolate. with a a pearlescent finish some examples are quite dark and dull-looking, whereas others can have delicately-patterned white patches and streaks.China-marks are unusual in so far as their larvae are entirely aquatic, feeding on water plants.


Life Cycle

The moth flies in July and August, and the species is fairly common around ponds, lakes and canals throughout Britain.Food plant: Larvae are aquatic, feeding on pondweeds, Bur-reeds, Frogbit - Potamogeton, Nymphaeaceae and Nuphar lutea.Unusual amongst the Lepidoptera as it has an aquatic larval stage, as the larvae grow larger they construct transportable cases made from plant material.



Near water. By ponds, lakes, slow rivers, canals.





Brown China Mark 2725

Brown China Mark 2722


Brown China Mark 2734