ABH 73.365

Autumnal Rustic Eugnorisma glareosa

BF 2117

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(Esper, 1788
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Noctuidae » Noctuinae


32-38 mm


Typically with a smooth, velvety grey appearance with strong black markings. In the south there are examples with a more buff or pinkish ground colour, and an extreme dark A medium sized grey or pale brownish moth often with three black marks on the forewing increasing in in intensity from head to mid-wing. These form three distinct blackish blocks on each wing. The mid wing mark is neat and anvil shaped.


Life Cycle

The adults fly in August and September, and the caterpillars are polyphagous, living on a wide variety of plants and grasses.


Inhabiting woodland fringes, moorland and sandy or chalky soils.





2117 Autumnal Rustic 22252

2117 Autumnal Rustic 22252