ABH 73.254

Antler Moth Cerapteryx graminis

BF 2176

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Noctuidae » Hadeninae


Male 27–32 mm Female 35–39 mm.


A distinctive Brown Marked moth with white streaked markings resembling the antler of deer The forewings are brown, speckled with black and marked with a bold white branched basal streak which gives the species its common name. The hindwings are dark brown with a white fringe.


Life Cycle

Larva feeds on various grasses, including Sheep's-fescue, Mat-grass and Purple Moor-grass, over-wintering as an egg..The adults fly from June to September,This moth often flies during the day, especially in warm weather, and is attracted to a range of flowers. It also flies at night and is attracted to light. The adults are on the wing from July to Septembe


The larvae feed on various types of grasses, sometimes abundantly, and the species is well-known for its ability to devastate large tracts of grassland on high ground..






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Antler Moth 40907



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