ABH 73.113

Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa

BF 2306

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(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Noctuidae » Xyleninae


c 45-50 mm.


his is a distinctive species especially at rest when it resembles a withered leaf. Adults show some variation in ground colour. The forewings, which have a strongly scalloped outer margin, range in colour from olive green through to rosy red. There is a darker median band bordered by a paler band extending to the subterminal fascia, which is broader at the costa. There is also a small dark patch at the apex of the forewing. Hindwings pale yellow-white darkening towards the terminal area with darker fringe and veining.Rests with the wings folded longitudinally, looking very much like a withered autumn leaf.

Unmistakable resting posture with forewing folded in on itself at the costa only shared by the much smaller Small Angle Shades

Key Identification Features:

Heavily scalloped forewings
Dark median band
Pale hindwings with small discal spot


Life Cycle

The adults generally fly between May and October, in at least two generations, but can be found in any month.Population reinforced by Migrants. The larvae feed throughout the year on a variety of plants and shrubs, including Bramble Rubus fruticosus, Broom Cytisus scoparius, oak Quercus spp. and birch Betula spp. and many others. It overwinters as a larva.



Larva polyphagous on a wide range of herbaceous and woody plants, including Stinging Nettle, Hop, Red Valerian, Broad-leaved Dock, Bramble, Silver and Downy Birch, Sessile and Pedunculate Oak, and Hazel.





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