Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)



Scots Fir. Irish Giuis (family - Pinaceae)


Large evergreen and only native British Pine. Height 40m. Age - typically up to 150 years but 300 possible.




Light and sandy soils at low or moderate elevation. Does not like sea winds or high rainfall. Now believed to have been native to Scotland and Ireland only at time of separation of England from continent although must have been found over the whole Ireland and Britain as the Ice sheets retreated. Found from Spain to Siberia.


Flowers Leaves Fruit Ripen Fall
May 2nd year (3 years after fertilization.)

Uses :

Strong general purpose timber. Uses of wood - Preservatives are effective on this wood hence suitable for outdoors. Used for fencing, joinery, building, flooring, box and packing case manufacture, railway sleepers, pitwood, fibreboard, chipboard, and telegraph poles. Referred to by the timber trade as "redwood" or "deal". Food and drink - Needles yield a medicinal oil also pitch, tars, resin and turpentine obtained from the wood.

Growth & Propagation:

Grown from seed. Moist chill for up to ten weeks before sewing. Approximately 120,000 germinable seeds per kg.