Trochosa terricola Ground Wolf Spider

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Length Body length male: 7-9 mm, Body length female: 7-14 mm


Description A wolf spider - the female has a reddish abdomen and the male has darkened front legs. The two short lines on the carapace are diagnostic of Trochosa species. The black marks on carapace indicative oif Trochosa The Light cardiac mark would make it T terricola as opposed to a dark cardiac mark in T.ruricola this favours T terricola

Similars care needed T.ruricola

Life Cycle

Habitat & Ecology Under stones, particularly in damp habitats..A common spider, often found over-wintering under logs in woodland. Adults seen running across the ground during moth-trapping sessions.

** Active during the night in Damp habitats this one imgaed during a Moth trap event