Turf Running Spider Philodromus cespitum

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Family: Philodromidae

Body Length Female 5.3 mm; Male 3.5-5.0 mm

Phenology Spring to autumn but peaking May to July.

Description This species is less crab-like than the Xysticus, with a narrower head and body the legs are of a more even thickness. Body colour very variable, brown or yellowish brown, mostly spotted. Males often patterned more intensely, sometimes unicoloured dark brown. Prosoma often with broad, bright median band. Legs yellowish grey or brown with dark spots. Opisthosoma with bright median band and often with dark cardiac mark and dark angular spots.Markings variable so care has to be taken with identification.a distinct variety occurs where the dorsal abdominal cardiac mark and chevrons are replaced by a pale yellow dorsum

Similar Species

Photo ID not usually possinle due to similars

Habitat Low vegetation found in heathland and heathery bogs, hedgerows, scrub and wooded habitats.




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