Cucumber Green Spider Araniella cucurbitina

Clerck, (1757).

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Family: Araneidae

Size Females grow up to 8 mm, males only up to 5 mm.

Description The Genus Easily recognised not only because of its green and yellow abdomen with black dots, it also has a red spot, far back above the spinners in adults. Conspicuous spider with a dark thorax and almost luminous, yellow-green abdomen, this species spins an orb web in tall vegetation, trees and bushes.ommon in gardens overlooked as its striking colours are good camouflage amongst green leaves. Like all the other British spiders, this is exclusively a carnivore.webs are only about 10 cm in diameter. It usually hangs upside down in its net among the plants in the garden. The spider is similar to Araniella inconspicua and Araniella opisthographa. Freshly hatched spiderlings are red and change to brown until fall. Adult spiders first show this green color in spring.

Similars A. cucurbitina and A. opistographa.

Photo ID not usually possible

Food Predatory mainly on flying insects caught in its web.

Prey Aphids, Flies, Mosquitoes and midges, Moths


Cucumber green spider (Araniella cucurbitina)

The Cucumber green spider (Araniella cucurbitina) is a spider of the Araneidae family. The spider is mainly found on forest clearings, where it weaves its web between leaves and flowers. These This spider does not use a hideout, because it is camouflaged by its green color. The Cucumber spider, Araniella Cucurbitina, is easy to identify.

However it is likely safe to Genus due to other similars

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