Four-spotted Orb Weaver Araneus quadratus

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Family Araneidae

Length 17 mm

Description Females up to 17 mm in length, males smaller approx half that. The abdomal base colour is variable, ranging from dark brown to bright orange or yellowy-green. Legs are banded. The appearance of males is quite different from that of the larger and fatter females, examination will usually show the four pale spots on the abdomen to be present in both sexes. AKA Four-spotted Orb Weaver

Photo ID usually possible

Life Cycle Matures from summer to autumn and is usually biggest in late autumn when it is at its oldest and often full of eggs. After laying their eggs the females die and only the eggs and the spiders that hatched in the spring of the year will overwinter.

Habitat Llives in gardens, wooded areas, marshes or long grassland - wherever there is vegetation to string the characteristic orb web across.


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