Yellow Pimpernel ( Lysimachia nemorum )


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Family: Primulaceae

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Evergreen, hairless perennial, similar to creeping jenny but more delicate. The oval or heart-shaped leaves are carried in opposite pairs along creeping stems. Yellow, star-like flowers, 10 to 15 mm across, are borne on slender stalks, May to August. Creeping

This a low, creeping, hairless perennial. It can be confused with Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia), which can be found in wet open woodland, as well as other damp habitats, but the flowers of the Yellow Pimpernel are smaller and flatter (as opposed to the cup-shaped flowers of Creeping Jenny) and its leaves have pointed tips (as opposed to the more rounded leaves on Creeping Jenny).

Yellow Pimpernel grows throughout Britain and Ireland. It grows in damp or shady woodland, hedges and fields.