Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum )

Spring Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum )

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Family Amaryllidaceae

Older Classification

L. pulchellum Leucojum aestivum subsp. pulchellum
L. hernandezii Leucojum aestivum subsp. pulchellum

L. vagneri Leucojum vernum var. vagneri (robust variant)
L. carpathicum Leucojum vernum var. carpathicum (robust variant with yellow tepal spots)

Leucojum vernum AKA Spring Snowflake St. Joseph's Bells


Leucojum aestivum AKA Summer Snowflake, Loddon Lily; Devon Snowflake; St Agnew flower and St George's Violet.)



Stem has 1-2 drooping flowers 2-3 cm long, all 6 petals identical with a yellow gren fleck at the tip.. Leaves grass like bright green often longer than the peduncle at the time opf flowering. The flowers have a powerful scent that is likened by some to hawthorns and by others to violets. Damp woods, thickets, hedgebanks and meadows, usually in hilly areas and in calcareous soils