Sea-kale Crambe maritima


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The large bluish-green leaves are broad and lobed and can grow up to 30cm long. The flowering stems, up to 60cm tall, appear from June, topped by creamy white blooms. The structural shape of the plant, especially the leaves, has made it popular with garden designers. Flowers White, June to August

Sea-kale was once extensively cultivated as a vegetable, so much so that it was even exported - and is coming into fashion again. The young shoots are blanched under pots to reduce bitterness. They can then be picked and served like spinach. In gardens, sea-kale dislikes heavy clay soils and acid conditions but tolerates poor soils and drought.

The caterpillars of the large and small white butterflies will feed on sea-kale.



Sea-kale is commonly found on shingle beaches and less commonly on sea-cliffs