Redshank ( Polygonum Persicaria)


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Family: Polygonacee


Upright or sprawling annual which is widespread and common on disturbed ground. Narrow oval leaves typically show a dark, central mark. Reddish stems are much-branched. Pink flowers appear June to October and are borne in terminal spikes.Height up to 60cm Also known as 'redleg', both names referring to the reddish coloration of the stems. It is very common on agricultural land and in ditches, on streamsides and other damp lowland situations. It is a native upright or sprawling annual species bearing Pinkish-red flowers are borne in dense axillary and terminal spikes with red-tinged and many -branged stems. Leaves are narrow, oval and hairless. Sometimes tinged red and invariably showing a dark central spot or smudge. Basal sheath of the leaf has a hairy margin
Up to 80 cm tall.

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