Marsh Willowherb ( Epilobium palustre)


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Family Willowherb Family Onograceae

Data Table

Common in marshes and wet ground, including flushes on hills.Slender short medium perrenial with thread like runners.Flowers Pinkish Red Pink to white. Flower diameter c 4-6 mm. Fruit capsule c 5-8 cm. Stems to 50 cm tall but typically 15-30 cm.Marsh Willowherb has rounded stems without raised lines . Its creeping stema end in bulb like buds. Leaves unstalked narrow. Leaves not or scarcely toothed, over 3 x as long as broad, narrowing to base. Not .pr scarcely toothed Flowers 4 - 6 mm, , Stigma club shaped. not 4-lobed but round and compact. Flowering end of stem droops once past the bud stage. Flowers . July August