Ladies Mantle (Alchemillia vulgaris)


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Family : Rosaceae


Grassland perennial, usually associated with upland areas. Easily recognised by palmately lobed leaves; leaf shape variation can be used to separate different species within this aggregate. Yellowish green flowers appear May toSeptember. Height up to 30cm

One of three very similar native species of lady's mantle (the others are Alchemilla vestita and A. glabra) which are found in grassy places. The flowers are tiny and greenish-yellow.

A Stems and leaf-stalks densely covered with spreading hairs. Leaf hairy on both upper and underside: Alchemilla vestita

B Stems and leaf stalks covered with spreading hairs. Leaf hairy only on underside: Alchemilla xanthochlora.

C Only the lowest 1 - 2 internodes hairy, with adpressed hairs (not spreading hairs). Upper part of stem hairless. Leaves hairless on both surfaces except for the parts of the veins near edge of leaf on the underside: Alchemilla glabra.