Hoary Willow Herb Epilobium parviflorum


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Family Willowherb Family Ongraceae

Data Table

Flower diameter c 6-9 mm. Leaves c 3-7 cm long. Plants typically 30-60 cm tall.

Stigma 4-lobed, as in picture on left (white object in centre of flower). Stem densely covered with spreading hairs (visible in picture as a fuzzy effect). Told from E hirsutum by being much smaller in all parts and the flowers a pale purple colour.

Other features: Leaves unstalked, but their edges not at all decurrent onto stem, unlike E hirsutum. Apart from these two, the only other Epilobium with a 4-lobed stigma is E montanum, which is not densely hairy and has stalked leaves.Rare, in marshes or beside burns