Himalayan Balsam( Impatiens glandiflora)


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Family : Balsam Family (Balsaminaceae)

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Also known as Indian Balsam or Policemans Helmet. It is outlawed under the Wildlife and countryside Act as being an Alien species because of the speed and vorocity (like Japanese knotweed) with which it spreads . It is however an abundant foodstuff for bees and other insects often seen along railway corridors and River Embankments where it readily spreads.Introduced from Himalayas but widely naturalised along riverbanks and on damp wasteground. Upright, reddish stems carry leaves in whorls of three or opposite pairs. Pink-purple flowers, 30 40mm long, appear July - October. Seeds Also known as Himalayan Balsam .Flowers found in a variety of shades from purple pink to red pink. Common along damp river banks and canals.