Greater Stitchwort Stellaria holostea


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Family: Pink Carophyllaceae

Widespread and common in open woodland and along rides and hedgerows. Leaves are narrow, fresh green and grass-like. Easily overlooked among foliage until white flowers appear April­June. These are 20 to 30mm across and have notched petals. Height up to 50cm


A common, rather straggly perennial creeping plant with weak square stems. The un-stalked pointed leaves are narrow and rough on the margins. The flowers (2-3cm) have deeply notched petals and grow in lax clusters.

Greater Stitchwort occurs throughout Britain in woods, hedges and on road sides often on damp or heavy soils.

The easiest way the tell Greater and Lesser Stitchwort apart is by the size of their flowers. The type of soil it grows on also gives a clue.