Eye bright ( Euphrasia officinalis )


Family Figwort Scrophulaceae

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Variable, branched annual, semi-parasitic on roots of other plants very variable but easily recognised.. Widespread and common on bare, grassy places. Leaves oval in outline but sharply toothed; often purplish. Purple-veined, whitish flowers, Upper lip of flower with two upward-curving well-notched lobes. Lower lip divided into three well-notched lobes. Flower whitish or mauvish with yellow or orange blotch in centre of lower lip, and purple lines.3 to10mm long, seen May to September. Height up to 25cm usually well under 20 cm high.

Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis agg

Taxonomic note: Consists of a large number of microspecies and their hybrids, which are not treated separately here. The only British Euphrasia species outside the taxa here aggregated together is E salisburgensis,

Common in a variety of habitats, including moorland, mountains, rock ledges, sea cliffs, roadsides, grassland and sea shore.

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