Common Mouse-ear (Cerastium fontanum)


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Family Pink Carpphyllaceae

Data Table

Hairy perennial, widespread and usually common in gardens and grassland, and on disturbed ground. Grey-green leaves borne in opposite pairs. Non-flowering and flowering shoots occur, the latter with white, 5-petalled flowers Flower diameter c 7 to11 mm April to October. Flowers not clustered together in a tight head (except at early bud stage), and very lax by fruiting time. 10 stamens (occasionally 5 but if so check to see that you don't have C diffusum or C semidecandrum). Sepal tip hairless, hairs from lower down not normally projecting beyond sepal tip. Petals about equal to sepals in length. Bracts at base of flowering stalks wholly green or the upper ones with narrow pale margins.Height up to 30cm, often shorterApril­October

Common on bare ground, walls, gardens, grassland, roadsides. Plants from habitats where you might expect the rarer Mouse-ears usually turn out to be this one!

Other features: Characteristic curved fruit capsules a common sight throughout summer and autumn.