Columbine ( Aquilegia vulgaris)


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Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)


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Synoyms : Culverwort, Granny's bonnet, Granny's nightcap.

A familiar garden perennial. Also native although local in many parts of Britain and Ireland. Grey-green leaves comprise three, 3-lobed leaflets. The nodding, purple flowers are 30 to 40mm long, the petals with hooked-tipped spurs; appear May­July. Height up to 1m

When growing wild, the flowers are usually blue or dull purple, occasionally white. The Columbine may be distinguished from all other British flowers, by having each of its five petals terminated in an incurved, horn-like spur. The petals are tubular and dilated at the other extremity. The flowers are perfumed like hay.