053 BASHA Material 9ft x 13 ft Para Panel

Dispatched Immediately by a reliable UK seller . Buy two or more at no additional postal charge.


Dispatched immediately by a Reputable UK Seller. Great Value and lots of material compared to similars

This is one of the best solutions to creating a Field Basha arguably better than a 58 Poncho. A Top Seller . Unlike the Polyester material this sheet is much longer lasting extremely difficult to rip and does not disintegrate like the PE type Tarps available so you'll have it for a much longer . It is also lightweight , foldable and rapidly dries

The item is a 9 ft x 13.5ft Parachute Panel which is compact and light made of a nylon like material. It provides more cover than the 58 poncho solution which are known to delaminate. The sheet is composed of 3 sections tightly sewn as shown. Makes a great Basha or Tarp

The lightweight material is very strong practically untearable and unlike the Polyethylene material does not degrade over time in the sunlight so you will have it for a long time

There are no eyelets but using the knot and corner object can be readily secured to a bungee as shown A great solution to a practical problem at a fraction of cost of other Basha material. Alternatively it can be rigged in a "Ray mears " Style Tarp.

The lightweight material can be compactly folded and placed into a compression stack or other small space

Provides Shelter or shade from the sun Survival , Angling, etc

Panels are in Grade 1 Condition A lot of material for the price of similar shelters

Selling Fast


How Big and How Heavy ?

The Panel is 13 ft x 9 ft and Weighs between on average 1600 - 1700 g. The Items are selected to be Grade 1 - Integral Without Tears or Rips - Uniform Olive Green - without scuff or marks werever possible

Is It Water Proof ?

The sheet is weather proof up to point, It is like any good grade nylon outer Tent Flysheet & that depends on a number of factors such as the Hydrostatic Pressure - Head , the style of the Shelter if used for that purpose constructed which will promoted run off & whether used with poles etc to deter contact through the Nylon The performance of the sheet can be improved if used in extreme weather by the application of a good quality waterproof compound

Are They Strong ?

You would be hard pressed to physically rip the Nylon they are durable and light weight & will give a long life of use compared to many of the plastic based Polyethylene equivalents that literally degrade in UV Light . If it is something you are going to use a lot you can inexpensively using a dye punch fit Brass Eyelets for rapid deployment . They can be ideally secured with bungee or paracord ,

Who Buys It ?

We have found many people have bought this item ranging from those who use it for Bush Craft , Fishermen and Anglers ( For Shelter or Shade during Summer ) , ( Car , Motorcyslists and Cyclists - who use as Tarpauline or dust Cover for expensive cars and bikes ) Cadets , Schools etc , We believe size for size compared to other Tarp equivalents they are good value & give a lot of material for what ever project you have in mind

Do we do other sizes ?

Not at the moment but we are looking to precut them to larger size in the future keep an eye on listings .


Weight 1600 -1700g
Size 9ft x 13ft

Package Includes :

1x 9ft x 13 ft Olive Para Panel


£ 19.97 + £ 3.90 P & P - RM SMALL PARCEL