Common Lugworm Arenicola marina

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Length Adults reach 12 - 20 cm


Vary in colour from pink to dark pink, red, green, dark brown or black.ylindrical body divided into a thoracic and an abdominal region. The head is small, with no appendages or eyes although a rough proboscis may be visible. Thoracic region consists of 19 parapodia bearing segments (with chaetae), of which the last 13 bear bushy gills. The abdominal region is narrower and consists of many segments lacking chaetae and gills.

Similars The Black Lugworm Arenicola defodiens.

Habitat Found from high water neap tidal level to the middle or lower shore in sand and muddy sand, living in a characteristic U or J-shaped burrow. Often reaches high abundances in sheltered estuarine sediments.


By Auguste Le Roux (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons