Edible Cockle Cerastoderna edule

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Length Can leap distances of up to 50 cm with long bent foot.

DescriptionColour:Cream, light yellowish, or pale brown; periostracum yellowish or greenish. Inner surfaces dull white, brown, thin

The animal has a white body, but mantle is pale yellow, its edges with a short white fringe. The short siphons are separate throughout, with white filaments along their sides. The white or yellow foot is proportionately small, though long, and ends in a thin flat point

Habitat In sandy mud, sand or fine gravel, from mid-tidal level to just below ELWS. Tolerant of salinities as low assometimes abundant in sheltered bays and estuaries.

 By Féron Benjamin (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons